Introducing U Matter Dad

Introducing U Matter Dad

If you haven’t heard about my new business please watch below to see how I can support dad’s overcome grief and get back their purpose, after the tragedy of losing a child. Please reach out if you need some support or just a chat –

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d jump on and just talk a little bit about the U Matter Dad page, and what actually got me to start the page.

My own personal journey began back in 2014 when I lost my son. It was a major change in my life, just the physical and the emotional trauma that came from it. And then on a more personal note, just the disconnection that occurred with myself and my partner at the time, just the two different coping and grieving styles.

So following on from my son’s miscarriage, I went into an area where I started reaching out to the community. In reaching out, I started to share my story, and just connecting with other families, and people that had gone through the same. It was always the same sort of response and feedback that I got, that it was such an isolating experience for so many people following the loss of baby through miscarriage and still birth.

It took me several years to recover physically as you do. I also then went on and had two other consecutive miscarriages at the 12 week mark, and again, set me back. Just again, the turmoil and the disconnection that occurred with my partner at the time being the primary caretaker, and taking on the role of more the strong person. It was almost like his grief got left behind, and for him to sort of deal with it in time.

So a few months ago, I was kind of sitting down. I had a practice previously, which was By Mum’s Side. And there, I was working and reaching out to first time moms, and just all mental health areas like your depression, anxiety. It was an area that I always felt quite passionate about, tapping into dad, because I was doing couple’s counseling as well. At the time, I’d just started entering into men’s mental health.

So it was something that a few months ago, and just sitting back, and just through the years of work that I’d done being the ambassador here in Australia for pregnancy and infant loss, I thought, “This is the trend. This is the area that really requires help, and a platform where dads can actually go through the motions.” Because it is, it’s mental health for men at the moment, in the last upcoming years is just been huge. Men are reaching out, and men are starting to look at their wellbeing, which is an amazing … It’s such an exciting thing for me seeing, not only as a therapist, but as a person that’s done couple counseling, because it’s huge. It really is.

For dads, I think the area that really needs to get developed is the permission. It is working through the areas, the five key areas, which I pushed through the U Matter Dad program. So through the program, I offer that initial consultation, which is myself and you. Everything’s done in a very safe space. Then from there, we look at working on the areas of grief. I offer couple’s counseling as well, and then I also do group sessions.

At the moment, the U Matter Dad page has just started opening up other networks and resources that are available to dads. I just so excited about the change and shift that’s occurring, and just the support that the page has had. So it tells me that the work I’m doing, and the people that I’m trying to connect and reach out to, it’s an area that new dads responds really well to.

So here’s a little bit about what the U Matter Dad page is, and the services that I provide. I’m a specialized bereavement counselor. The areas that I’ve also worked with cover depression, anxiety. I’ve run workshops. I’ve been in this industry now, coming up to almost 10 years. I come from a place of, yes, I do have these qualifications, but also having personally lived through it. Seeing the affects that it did do in my marriage and in my relationship, it’s something that’s coming from that space as well.

So thanks everybody. This is a little bit about the U Matter Dad page. So keep your messages coming through. I’ve now started a YouTube channel. So my videos in the key areas that I start to work in with the reprogram, that’s all there for you to go and access, and just keep your messages coming through. There’s going to be some awesome developments happening with the Australian Dads Network, and other partnering companies that are joining on the U Matter Dad.

So thanks everybody for tuning in and that’s the U Matter Dad space. Have a great weekend and look forward to chatting more on here. Bye.

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