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Welcome to U Matter Dad; a growing resource for men’s mental health services that offer support to Dad’s who have lost a baby through miscarriage or stillbirth.

We have created a 12-step program to regain your purpose in life, feel whole again, and rebuild your relationships with those closest to you after such a heartbreaking experience, while striving to strengthen your emotional foundation moving forward.

Along with this particular type of hardship, U Matter Dad offers other forms of mental health services for men, including individual and couple therapy, men’s counselling, support for dads, as well as family and bereavement services.


From my personal journey of miscarrying my precious son at 20 weeks and the overwhelming challenges of suffering, grief and guilt that ensued – I realised from this experience the lack of care, comfort and support available for fathers. Reality is they are suffering the death of a child also, however because they haven’t carried the baby and felt the growth from inside their feelings are put behind that of the expectant mother.

There are few greater challenges for an expectant father than to deal with his partner’s miscarriage. While their partner will experience huge physical and emotional challenges in dealing with miscarriage, fathers also feel the loss associated with a miscarried pregnancy and feel helpless to offer support and advice. Often they suppress their feelings and emotions in order to support their partners and keep the family front functioning, despite the crippling grief they are experiencing.

Drawing on my years of experience as a therapist and background in childhood development and parenting, I wanted to create a safe space where fathers feel supported through their individual process. I am passionate about opening the lines of communication around this topic for my clients. To help them through the common thought processes, revolve issues around failing, working together setting realistic goals rather than focusing on their grief which creates a disconnection from their relationship. I encourage my clients to be the facilitator of the process, I am there as support and present key areas that address loss – I am a great believer that as individuals we have a remarkable capacity for self-healing and personal growth, and my philosophy is one that reflects this belief.


Support for Dads

Is the stress or strain of fatherhood wearing you down and turning you into something you’re not? Talk to us today and rediscover the magic of being a parent.

Men’s Counselling

If you’re feeling lost and not yourself, don’t despair. We all lose our way at some stage, and opening up is the first step to finding the light again. Let’s talk.

Counselling for Couples

Relationships can be both a complex and testing dynamic, but U Matter Dad can help you get yours back on track. Send us a message and let’s see what we can do.

Family Therapy

A sudden loss or family crisis can be tragic, but it’s how you deal with the aftermath that counts. Why not message us and tell us your story? We’re here for you.



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Life can be challenging at times

Unfortunately, life can be challenging at times and things can turn swiftly, and as such, we can often find ourselves questioning our place in the world while attempting to navigate its murky waters. Stress, anxiety, and depression, although words that are often thrown around, can literally affect anyone in any situation, while dragging us down to the proverbial depths of despair.

That’s why U Matter Dad has positioned itself as a valuable online and in person resource, to help men deal with the day-to-day struggles of existence, as well as focusing on particular trauma or a specific adversity.